The heavenly spiritual world which we shall, God willing, one day enter, is ruled by the perfect will of God. This rule has not been forcefully imposed, but accepted voluntarily by the spirits of light who subjugate their own will with great devotion and joy to the will of God, the only infallible will. The social life of stars, ants and bees is run entirely by God's will. It would be a total absurdity, then, to establish human societies on anything else but the will of God. Unfortunately, this very absurdity is the base point for many modern builders of human societies. They prescribe laws for men, regardless of the Law of God that proclaims this will. Hence anarchy and disorder, injustice and discord, chaos and desperation, discontent and war of man against man.


It does not take a lot of common sense to convince oneself that only He who created man knows best why He created him, and the purpose of man's life on earth. Nevertheless, we see today that the ones who strive to run human societies are the very people who publicly negate the purpose of man's life on earth. Establishing a human society only upon the will of humans means building on a foundation of purposelessness, ignorance and injustice. I delight to do Your will, O my God, and Your law is within my heart (Ps. 40, 8) said the king who, whenever he followed only his own will, repented bitterly.


If you, reader, wish not only to be a good Christian yourself, but that the whole Christian society be truly Christian, then be assured that this can happen only if the basis of that society is God's will. What God's will consists of is made clear through Christ who has revealed all purposes. The knowledge of purposes reveals the knowledge of ways, and the knowledge of ways towards these purposes determines how the individual and the whole society travel towards it.


                                                                                                     St. Nikolai of Zicha