God's kingdom cannot be separated from God's reign. The kingdom comes together with the King. It would be absurd to await the Kingdom, but to reject the King. In the hymn: "O heavenly King, the Comforter" the faithful beg of the King and God Spirit to come: "Descent and take Thy abode in us". The meaning of these prayers is clear: the kingdom of God will come at the same time that God the King comes.


When we pray for the coming of God's kingdom, in reality we are asking  to be ruled by the most perfect power and when we pray for coming of God the King, we are asking for the most perfect ruler.


Our creator has complete power over the beginning and the end of our earthly life, over our births and deaths; why not, then, let Him rule over the whole line between the beginning and the end? He is the master of birth and death, let Him be master of all that comes in between.


One might say: how come that for nearly 2000 years so many people utter daily "Thy kingdom come" , yet the kingdom of God has still not come? But of course it has come, the kingdom has come and so has the King, though only to certain people: to many millions of real Christians, saints and righteous souls. It has not yet come to be seen and felt in the world's societies. It has not become the unshakable, recognized and adopted basis of social order. Why this has not yet come to pass is the fault of those who do not say the Lord's prayer daily, yet aspire to the kingdom of this world, who fight over earthly and reject the reign of God in their lives, aspiring to grab it for themselves.