What is Christian prayer?

It is our communication with God, in which we express our Faith, Hope and Love.

What kinds of prayer do we use?

Four kinds: The inward prayer, the outward prayer, the private prayer, the public prayer.

What is the inward, and what is the outward prayer?

Inward prayer is also called mental prayer. It is done in silence. Outward prayer is said loudly.

How often should we pray?

It depends on how much we love our God. The more we love Him the more often we are in prayerful communication with Him. The perfect ones are constantly praying to God, according to Christ's word: "Men ought always to pray".

How is ft possible to pray always?

It is possible to pray always mentally or inwardly. We can offer to God our inaudible prayers even while traveling or working:

praising Him, thanking Him and invoking His help.

What is the shortest mental prayer?

O Lord Jesus, have mercy upon me!

What is private and what is public prayer?

When a person prays by himself, either mentally or audibly, it is called private prayer. When he joins other people for prayer either in the church or in some other place, this is called public prayer.

Which of these are obligatory for every Christian?

All of them are obligatory for every Christian. We ought to pray secretly within ourselves and also openly and loudly. And we ought to pray alone, wherever we are, and we ought to pray together with other Christian folk in the Church. The saints did the same.

What should be the leading ideas in every regular prayer?

Every regular prayer usually has three parts: thanksgiving, petition and glorification. First, we give thanks to God for what we already have received from Him; second, we ask from Him what we actually need, and third, we glorify and praise His goodness, power and glory.