Hallowed be Thy name


Let all our endeavors in this transitional life be blessed by the name of God. Let our society bear His name and be protected by it.

A name signifies the person. Whoever glorifies a name, glorifies also the person. Consequently, he who glorifies the name of the heavenly Father, glorifies His person. Let all of our endeavours be as monuments worthy of the Divine Name. Let the aim of our society be the glorification of the Lord's name, in little things, as well as in great ones. For God is the supreme reality, eternal and all-encompassing, so that any society founded on principles contrary to this reality is nothing but mindless illusion and chaos, which in turn brings people to desperation and suicide.


If the name of God does not stand for supreme authority in a Christian society, that authority is inevitably replaced by the name of a human person. We do, in fact, see today many societies bear the names of men: the men who conceived, proscribed and introduced that particular form of government. As long as such societies exist - and their existence is ephemeral - the names of these men will be honoured, that is to say their names will be hallowed instead of God's. When they go, different forms of government will take their place and each will honour and hallow the names of different men. And so, nations will desert one ship for another on a restless sea, while the ship bearing the Lord's name will stand beside them and wait for the suffering sea-farers to board it.