Chilandar Monastery

The Holy Mountain of Athos



View of Chilandar from the south-west



The main church, founded by King Milutin, from the northern side. The western part was raised by Prince Lazar. To the right, part of Chilandar's refectory from the early 14th century. In the background, a pyrgos from the 18th century and the pyrgos of St. George.



The main church, view from St. Sava's pyrgos



The main church, view from the north-west



The main church, interior



Treasury and archive



Residential building



Entrance to the dining room



Console on the west facade of the main church, carved in the 13th century



Console on the south facade of the main church, from the 13th century.



Part of the eastern side of Chilandar courtyard with the church of the Holy Archangels, St. Sava's pyrgos, residential building and new library.



The main church, part of the southern facade.